Aqualisa quartz case study

Aqualisa Case Study solution - Paper Example Aqualisa Case Study solution I took into consideration the problem of Aqualisa Quartz shower line and found out how to solve it, how to make an enormous problem to become an opportunity instead - Aqualisa Case Study solution introduction.

K marketshare data is observed, it can be seen that the Aqualisa and its great brand Gainsborough together have the largest share after the market leader Triton and the second powerful competitor Mira.

Now, what can be done? I have lost count of how many times I have taught it, but at least 50 — in countries around the world. Solution For any solution to work, it has to have a buy in from the plumbers.

Does it make sense? Analysis It is not clear if quartz is competing against Mixer or Power Shower. Rawlinson should develop a value proposition based on the needs of this group. Make an extra copy for yourself to use in class as a reference for our case discussion.

Additionally, since developers have relations with plumbers, it also attract those plumbers and make the product more widely known and preferred. An important aspect of this marketing strategy is to get the Quartz to be recognized among plumbers as the best shower available by forcing plumbers to install them.

Michael Watson Student The time and effort given to each individual student by the New Zealand Accounting Assignment writing experts at HwA is what makes me keep coming back to them for all my accounting assignment help requirements. In there different product categories, it has different successful products.

Also publishing results comparing a typical install of competitior product and Quartz could help create further market awareness.

At this point, plumbers have a great affect on the brand choices. Successful analysis of this case requires close reading and sound thinking. Proper source citation Point Value 10 15 25 15 Recommended. A real eye-opener I recommend this case very enthusiastically. Additionally, even for Power Mixer, Quartz price point is not too out of range though the savings are not very obvious in the case.

Aqualisa Quartz – “Simply a Better Shower”

A house with a big bulky box in its bathroom vs. Acquiring brand recognition is critical to the success of the Aqualisa Quartz.

Aqualisa Quartz: Simply a Better Shower

Mixer Shower - Has two products one with pump one without. I would definitely recommend this service. The company should take the steps below The company should sell the product directly to end consumer by eliminating the middlemen, wholesalers and retailer from the forward channels as, the product is easy to use and it can be installed by just making a little efforts by the plumber.

The above reasons were creating trouble and many hurdles for the sales and marketing team to effectively sold the product to the right market. The only company in the market that had managed to build customer awareness at the consumer level is Triton and this actually brings many advantages to them in the sector.

There are also solutions that just dont work. As it turns out, the challenges faced by the firm in the area of selling and distribution are common to many businesses launching new products, and so it offers substantial learning to students who are typically rather gung-ho about innovation.

The quartz shower solves the awkard installation and long installation time problems. Maximum paper length is pages. High prices prevent sales of increasing.

Finally, I like the fact that it is not set in a 'sexy' brand market, but in an everyday market that we all understand.

Aqualisa Quartz Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

You may either imbed any support material you develop, e. Furthermore, these issues also had a cross relation with each other since, because of incorrect positioning the company set higher prices and due to higher prices the company should sold them through show rooms instead of retail and trade shops.

First of all, it is really obvious that Quartz did not succeed to be a mainstream for now. Include a title page with the name of the case and your ID number.Aqualisa Quartz by Siren Sungkar Syndicate Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

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Case study of aqualisa quartz shower Essay

Aqualisa is a UK based firm. Aqualisa has three products in shower market segments. These products addresses the issues of lower water pressure and allowing for proper temperature control for water. Aqualisa Quartz: Case Study 1. What is the Quartz value proposition to plumbers? What is Aqualisa Quartz value proposition to consumers?

The value proposition of Aqualisa Quartz to plumbers is that it is easy to install; it is more profitable because they are able to do more installations.

Aqualisa Quartz Case Study

Because the installation process is less complicated. Aqualisa quartz - Case study (STP) 1. Raoul Gauthier K Sales presentation for the case product (Aqual i sa Quar t z) Assignment 2 2.

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2 Shower Industry Overview 60% UK homes had Shower % UK homes had Bathtub 44% U.K. market sales come from replacement shower sales 27% Consumers are choosing the brand and the type alone Units sold. Aqualisa Quartz: Case Study 1. What is the Quartz value proposition to plumbers?

What is Aqualisa Quartz value proposition to consumers? The value proposition of Aqualisa Quartz to plumbers is that it is easy to install; it is more profitable because they are able to do more installations.

In Aqualisa case, Harry Rawlinson, managing director of Aqualisa, gives us an example that even with new significant shower product Quartz, which seems to be perfect in every aspect, they cannot make a relative progress in U.K.

shower market.

Aqualisa quartz case study
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